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27 February 2011 @ 03:30 pm
[He's out training, simply because there was not much to do and...he knew that he won't be able to advance without his father but thinking of his dad only lead to-nonono. 

No. Not talking or thinking about his father. 

So here he is, training, mask on, trying to push himself to his limits without much avail. He needed battle, he needed to fight and protect and this play acting wasn't helping him because now he was thinking of his dad all bloodyredblack-No.

A large cut appeared in the ground, deep enough to submerge a man for a funeral, deep enough that'd it take the dead a few days to crawl out, limbs broken, fingers grounded down to nubs. Deep enough to help the fantasy that if you bury them deep enough, they'd never get up and walk again. 

A gout of red energy flashed into the air. Cremation-best for sanitary-best so that the dead won't walk again-best for those who live and those who are just energy. ]

Getsuga Tenshou!

[The black fills the air, as if he closed his eyes. The targets that he set up were immediately incinerated, leaving nothing behind.] 

(OOC: Ichigo is being a bit broody and moody. But he is training to vent it out. So that is swell.)
19 February 2011 @ 02:24 am
*This was not the city. Ulquiorra didn't even need to take stock of his surroundings to know that. Familiar reiatsus were missing, ones that shouldn't have been there were and there were...duplicates? Odd, but not outside the realm of possibility when the Animus were involved. But this didn't have the feel of an event...the only people he could sense here were from his world. Then again, he had just infiltrated the Animus' domain, he wouldn't be surprised if they'd done something specifically for the members of that group.

Ulquiorra looked around the area of the Neutral Zone he'd found himself in, dressed in unusual clothes, with his hand brushing the Zanpakutou tucked into his belt. His other hand reached into a pocket and drew out something that looked vaguely like an i-phone that he proceeded to push a single button on before noting that it didn't work.* Hmph...they disabled the PCDs this time? No...this isn't Adstringendum. Another pocket dimension, then...probably only capable of kidnapping people that come from a single world, but without restriction as to the number of instances...then it can probably attract people regardless of time and inevitably returns them.

*He let out a faint sigh of annoyance, slipping the PCD back into his pocket.* Pointless.

(This Ulquiorra used to be canon from post-death, but after around a year and a half in adstringendum, he's changed some. Short version is that he's ditched Aizen, allied himself with Hitsugaya and gotten a bit more used to the whole having a heart thing. Long version...is long and involves Butterflyzen trying to eat the wrong person.)
17 February 2011 @ 10:23 pm
[Hichigo snarls, unimpressed with being returned here. The place is far emptier than he remembered, but that wasn't his primary concern.

He was starved for battle. He wanted to fight; rip his enemy to shreds and devour them. Hunting was no longer enough-- he craved souls of Reapers, Humans, even other Hollow. Digging both feet into the ground, Hichigo stands on both legs and lets out a battle shriek.]
16 February 2011 @ 11:34 am
[ The air is cool against his face, fresh and clean after so long in the fetid darkness of the cell. It's bright, almost too bright, yet his dark eyes narrow only slightly as he tips his chin up to cast a glance at the sky. Discomfort is a fleeting thing, a mere annoyance that is easily ignored. He welcomes the burning tingle of that brightness, irrefutable proof of his freedom.

How long has it been since his confinement? He doesn't know. Without his senses to guide him through the marking of time's passage, he can make nothing more than a guess. Well reasoned, perhaps, he's had plenty of opportunity for uninterrupted contemplation, but it remains a guess nonetheless. Still, it matters little. He has returned, and he has no more patience for idle ruminations on the past than he does for trivialities like regret. 

A subtle smile curves his mouth as he slips his hands into the pockets of his coat. White. Pristine. Untouched. Aizen Sousuke walks the world once more, his power no longer bound or diminished, and he's curious to see the changes that have been wrought in his absence. ]
15 February 2011 @ 11:12 pm
[there is an explosion of dust as the area around Haineko disintegrates with her attack. Rangiku calls her blade back and sheaths it before sitting on a nearby rock and trying to calm her breathing.]

I have to get stronger....I have to!

[is frustrated at her inability to achieve Bankai in spite of hard work and dedication she has been displaying since the conclusion of the winter war. Places a hand over her necklace, one of two physical items left to her by her closest friend]

For you...I have to get stronger.

[[OOC: Hi! I'm Crys and I'm still kind of new to the dressing room so please be nice? If anyone wants to chat my aim is WALDROPCD14 please feel free to drop me a line! XD]]
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15 February 2011 @ 10:06 pm
[With the hilt of Zangetsu held in a white-knuckled grip and reiatsu wavering from the hollow trying to claw its way out, Ichigo grinds his teeth and whips around to... not find Hiyori flying to attack him. In fact he doesn't see anyone. Looking around with one eye surrendered to the hollow's trademark black and gold, it takes him a few moments to realize that he's actually outside. Not in a neighborhood he's familiar with, he stands tensely somewhere in the city part of the Neutral Zone. Was this a trick?]

What the hell..?!

[ooc: As if we need any more Ichigos; especially a rusty one. Canon point is pre-vizard boot camp with a side of Hiyori smackdown because I don't have the heart to canon point him from the late Hueco Mundo or current sagas. I need so much practice.]
13 February 2011 @ 09:36 pm

[Looks like there's a party going on in the Nexus especially for Valentine's Day. Tables covered in food and drink, speakers blaring out music to dance to. There doesn't seem to be any list saying who's invited, so it's free for all!

Looks like the Nexus understands that things have been quiet lately, and a party would be something to liven it up again. There are quite a few NPCs about preparing food, setting up decorations... A banner strung from two large trees that read 'Happy Valentine's Day'.

But that wasn't all-- There were games to be had as well! Food, drinks, games, music, dancing... What more do you want?!]

[ooc: :D Happy Valentine's Day! This post is open to all bleach characters. Just don't go around killing one another at least for this post. I'll be adding some comments that will label different threads for characters to mingle or play games. Feel free to backtag as long as you want!]
[In a mountainous region near what looks quite similar to Rukongai is a very familiar figure. Dressed in a tattered yukata, he sits on a rock whistling a tune... and appears to be attempting to carve something.

He's holding down a piece of wood with his left foot, while he holds his zanpakutou in his left hand and carves it... It's in that moment that one might realize he has no right arm. It looks very difficult to try and carve while only having one arm... But he doesn't appear too bothered by in it.

He continues whistling before stopping momentarily.]

... Huh.

[Taking a moment to look at the sky, the silver haired man gives a bit of a smirk.] Somewhere else, eh? Not too bad...

[And he continues to carve and whistle.]

[ooc: EBI RETURNS!! IT'S CREEPER but not really. more of a canon creeper i guess. some info in his profile (ALBEIT POORLY WRITTEN INFO) for those who don't know me I WAS HERE AGES AGO, MORE PROMINENTLY IN 2009. IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME 8V I also used to play a ton of Gins what is wrong with me. NICE TO MEET'CHA also my AIM is hebbycakes now. 8)]
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29 January 2011 @ 10:12 pm
[Sitting cross-legged in the middle of a field away from the house he's living in with an Orihime, the hollow is very carefully trying to pack the snow into snowballs with clumsy hands. Despite he hates the winter with a passion... he's actually pretty bored. So putting on awkward winter clothing like sweaters, scarfs and mittens--mostly taken from the idea of the hollowed Ichigo talked to weeks ago--he's found a spot with undisturbed snow and tries to make as many snowballs as he can. Though why he's doing that he's not too sure why... Maybe someone mentioned to him that they could be used for something.]
28 January 2011 @ 10:29 am
[ There's something exhilarating about pitting one's strength against that of an opponent, and as he dodges the swing of the hollow's viciously clawed hand, Ichigo unconsciously smiles. It's not like sparring against the other shinigami. It isn't training or friendly competition. It's life, his life, balanced on an edge that's as sharp as his zanpakutou's blade. The simple, undeniable immediacy of being alive that he doesn't feel at any other time.

Sure, it's just an ordinary hollow, one that doesn't truly pose a threat to him, but the possibility exists, however slight, that it could bring him down. If he gets careless. If he stops paying attention. If he makes any one of a number of mistakes.

He doesn't. A backhanded swing of Zangetsu shatters the hollow's mask and brings the fight to a close in record time.

Dropping down to the ground on nearly silent feet, he pauses for a moment to regain his breath and consider his options. He can call it quits and head home, or he can stay outside for a while longer. It isn't really much of a contest. The night's still young and he isn't the least bit tired.  

Shouldering his sword, Ichigo chooses a direction at random and starts walking. ]