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The Bleach Dressing Room

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Bleach Dressing Room
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The Bleach Dressing Room - Bring Your Bleach RP Characters and Have Fun!

Hello, and welcome to the Bleach Dressing Room! This is a role-playing community where role-players can bring any of their Bleach characters to just hang out and interact with others! There's no limit to what type of Bleach character you can bring here (be it AU or just plain canon), and you don't have to already be in another game. You don't have to apply either, you can just post away! The Dressing Room is waiting for you...are you ready?

o1. Please guys, no drama/wank in the community. This is meant to be a fun place to role-play, so don't ruin it for others.

o2. I'm sure if you've been in other Dressing Rooms, you would have noticed that there are multiples of certain characters. Well, this is going to be the same. There WILL most likely be multiples of characters, and that's just fine! It's always funny to watch multiples interact, no? Just don't whine if you're not the only so-and-so. Also, please join the community with your character journal only! Feel free to watch the community with your normal account, though.

o3. PB (played by) icons can be used for characters where regular canon icons would not be a good fit. Some examples would be genderswap, younger versions of characters, AUs, etc. Previously, we allowed PBs to be used for characters without canonical references, but after much thought, we decided to disallow such characters altogether.

o4. Having an issue with something going on in the community? Don't hesitate to inform any of the four mods here (via Livejournal messaging or through the questions/concerns post). We want to make things fun for everyone. (:

o5. Please run all events by the mods first! We'd like to know what kind of big events are taking place ahead of time.

o6. When posting, please make sure to tag your post with the character's full name. We use the Japanese ordering of names (Family name, given name) to keep things organized. As for genderbent characters, add their altered name as well as the original name, for organization sake. Please use the tags page for reference when tagging. For characters who do not yet have a tag, we use the Wikipedia spellings.

o7. Please use worksafe icons for your posts in any of the three communities. We'll leave this to your judgment of what is worksafe and what isn't. If you don't think it's worksafe, chances are, it isn't. This rule does not apply to icons used in comments.

o8. HAVE FUN! :D That's the point, right?
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